Dr. Rosita Yeidiklasókw, Kaaháni Worl | Lingit | Trustee

Dr. Rosita Yeidiklasókw, Kaaháni Worl

President, Sealaska Heritage Institute

Dr. Worl has served as the president of Sealaska Heritage Institute since 1997, an organization charged with preserving and advancing the Lingit, Haida and Tsimshian Native cultures of Southeast Alaska. She is an anthropologist and for many years served as assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Alaska Southeast. She received her Ph.D. and a M.S. in anthropology from Harvard University and a B.A. from Alaska Methodist University. She also holds an honorary Doctor of Sciences degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Dr. Worl has received many honors and is an accomplished lecturer and author. She also served on the board of directors of the Sealaska regional Native corporation for 30 years, beginning in 1987, including as board vice president. 

Rosita has been a professor of anthropology at University of Alaska and has authored papers on subsistence ways of life, Native women’s issues, Indian law and policy and Southeast Alaska Native culture and history. She also served on the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) National Review Committee from 2000-2013, including as its chairperson. She has served on numerous boards and committees, including the Alaska Federation of Natives, the Indigenous Languages Institute, the National Science Foundation Polar Programs Committee, the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission Scientific Committee and the National Museum of the American Indian.