Who We Are

First Alaskans Institute is an Alaska Native advocacy nonprofit focused on the protection and advancement of Alaska Native peoples throughout time, reflected in our vision: Progress for the next 10,000+ years.

Recognizing that the most enduring knowledge of Alaska is encoded within Alaska Native languages and ways of life - and that what is good for Alaska Native peoples is good for all Alaskans - we utilize our Indigenous values to engage communities in the alignment of our collective good thinking and solution-making toward a shared future of healthy, thriving Alaskans.

We love who we are and we believe in our inherent right to exist as distinct societies of Alaska Native peoples in perpetuity, and our community is centered in all we do; from uplifting the powerful leadership of our peoples from birth to Ancestor to advocating for our ways of life.

As a small organization with a dynamic scope of work, we are committed to embodying the strength and knowledge of our peoples, values, and cultures throughout all of our work with and for our community.

Our mission

True to identity, heritage, and values, Alaska Natives are informed and engaged in leading the decisions that shape the future.

If you’d like information about our strategic plan, our strategic planning process, or want to share this work with others, please email us at [email protected]. We are happy to connect about it.