Knowing, Living, and Loving our Cultures

“Our cultures protect our children.” – Lacayah Engebretson (Ahtna)

This fund allows us to support intergenerational cultural knowledge transference events & activities that physically protect our communities while fortifying our minds, bodies & spirits. 

Purpose: The First Alaskans Institute will provide project support to cultural knowledge transference throughout the state that innately protects and fortifies our minds, bodies and spirits. Passing on traditional knowledge is critical to our peoples’ well-being. We look to the leadership of our communities to find innovative solutions to cultural learning and activities. Completed applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all funds are allocated. Funds are limited, so we thank you in advance for understanding that we may not be able to fund every applicant or fund every project at the amount requested. Awarded funds can be retroactive to January 1 of the year awarded and grants can be spent for two calendar years.

Eligible Applicants include: Tribes and 501(c)(3). Other individuals or groups may be eligible with a designated fiscal agent who meets the eligibility criteria.

Below is our Knowing, Living and Loving Our Ways of Life Support Fund application form. If you would prefer a paper application or have any questions please email [email protected] or call 907-677-1700.

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