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Kuwúx Kim Buller
Gyedm si ndzox

Kuwúx is K’ineix Kwaan, Raven Clan, from Yaakwdáat of the Ts’iskw Hít (owl house). She is originally from New Mexico with an Armenian and Hispanic descent. Kuwúx is a proud mother of three boys. Kuwúx worked for the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe where, with the direction and guidance of the Yakutat elders, she helped to establish the Haa Yaakwdaat Lingít Yoo Xatangi Kúdi as the lead teacher and curriculum developer. She opened a childcare facility for the Yakutat Community Health Center in 2019 called Haa Yatk’i Kahidi as a place to incorporate Tlingit culture in the centers learning environment, daily routine, and teaching practices.

She enjoys giving back to the community through uplifting others and creating programs to support a healthier future for our youth. She recently relocated to Juneau, Alaska but will always consider Yaakwdáat as her home where you can find her either caring for elders and youth or out on the land gillnet fishing, butchering a moose or berry picking and surfing with her sons.