_K_aaswóot Gloria Wolfe | Lingit | Indigenous Leadership Continuum Director

Kaaswóot Gloria Wolfe
Indigenous Leadership Continuum Director

Kaaswóot is Wooshkeetaan - Eagle Moiety of the Shark Clan and grew up in Yaakwdaat (Yakutat), on the sandy shores of her grandparents’ land, the Kwaashk’ikwaan and the Teikweidi. She currently resides in Yaakwdaat with her husband Ralph and two sons. She is the daughter of Ramona Anderstrom and granddaughter of Marie Austin and Charles Shodda. She has over 15 years’ experience in working with Elders, youth, and her community in a variety of capacities including advocacy, teaching, grant management and leadership, and building a language app. She has most recently served as the Native Connections SAMHSA Project Director for the Yakutat Community Health Center. She has served on the Yakutat School Board and leads the Yakutat Surf Camp. 

Kaaswóot holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts in Anthropology, English and Alaska Native Languages and Studies from the University of Alaska, Southeast and is a 2009 FAI Summer Intern alum. She is a key organizer of the Mount Saint Elias Dancers who sing and dance the stories of the Yakutat Lingít and who also have consistently performed at the Elders & Youth Conference. In her role at FAI, she provides high-level support across the organization as we continually innovate to advance the work of our peoples through our vision, mission, and values in an Indigenized team environment. Kaaswóot is one of our remote workers and her position is home based out of her home community of Yakutat.