Apagzuk/Apagruk Roy Agloinga | Iñupiaq | President/CEO

Apagzuk/Apagruk Roy Agloinga

Apagzuk/Apagruk is the Yup’ik/Iñupiaq spelling of his name and he goes by both, honoring the Yup’ik name he was given and his Iñupiaq identity. Apagruk comes to FAI with a background in nonprofit management, philanthropy, rural health, government policy and Iñupiat language preservation. With maternal roots in the Bering Straits region and paternal roots in Spain, the Philippines and New England, he was raised immersed in Iñupiat and Yup’ik cultures.  Most recently, he served as an external affairs and granting program officer for the Rasmuson Foundation.  Prior to Rasmuson, he also held a diverse array of leadership roles within Alaskan municipal, tribal, business and political organizations and has an extensive background in volunteerism and service, most notably in support of arts and language education.