Tribal Governance and Strategic Visioning with Tribal Councils and their Executives

Managing and governing a Tribe in your home community comes with many challenges. By invitation, FAI has begun working with Councils and their Executives to create and maintain healthy working relationships by developing a foundation of governance that maintains clear lines of responsibility and healthy boundaries between governance and the work of the organization.

Specifically, these sessions can include:

  • Discussing roles and responsibilities of the Council, outlining clear lines of authority and handling communication with tribal citizens;
  • Building comfort level with Council members, drawing upon the experience to set a foundation for moving forward;
  • Reviewing and discussing edits to governing documents such as, the Constitution and Governance Policies;
  • Operationalizing our Native values into the management of the Tribe;
  • Creating shared language and forward thinking around Self-Determination, Self-Governance, and Assertion of Sovereignty;
  • Strategic visioning with the Council to help guide the staff in the development of a work plan.