Racial Healing & Building Equity

FAI is focused on advancing Alaska Native ways of life, ensuring Alaska Native peoples are involved in decision-making at all levels and cultivating leadership from birth to Ancestor. We operate with the understanding that when Alaska Native peoples are grounded in our ancestral ways of knowing, we are healthier and more knowledgeable about effectively stewarding our lands, animals, and waters, and strengthening our cultures, languages, and peoples in perpetuity. 

Through years of advancing our work statewide, FAI understands the direct correlation between racial inequity and the critical need for intergenerational healing and systemic change. Our initiatives aim to ensure that policy changes are married to a fundamental shift in our society and work to dismantle the antiquated and false belief in the hierarchy of human value and replace that hierarchy with understanding that elevates and operationalizes our inherent human value and honors the diversity of all Peoples of Color.