First Nations Futures Program

This program is a unique partnership between the Indigenous peoples of Alaska, Hawai’i, and Aotearoa (New Zealand) created to cultivate and grow Indigenous leadership in service of our families, cultures, employers, communities, homelands and the world. Cohort members are active leaders who are in mid-career/cultural/community leadership roles or at a pivotal stage in their journey where an extra boost will amplify their abilities to advance Indigenous peoples. In the past, FNFP featured a two-week, on-site certificate program thru the gathering of the three cohorts at Stanford University.

A core element of FNFP are the discussions and values propositions the Fellows develop to advance their ideas in service to their communities through their work, passions, and responding to the needs of their peoples. These Fellows were selected because of their unique work and connection with the oceans and waters, ways of life, and cultural practices that align with focus areas of FAI and the Braided Rivers Institute. Fellows strengthen their leadership while envisioning ways to enact Ancestral imperatives to steward and care for our peoples, lands and cultures. They participate in diverse sessions engaging with cultural, thought, and entrepreneurial leaders from across the partners. They build relationships with one another, Indigenous leaders from former cohorts and invited guests. They will dialogue about Indigenous law and policy issues, cultural paradigms and advancements, and stewardship of land, waters, animals and other aspects of our homeland and Native ways of life.