Compacting efforts

At First Alaskans Institute, we operate with the understanding that Alaska Natives know what is best for Alaska Natives, and what is good for Alaska Natives is good for all Alaskans. We also understand that Alaska always has been and always will be a Native place.
We know that when our communities are in charge of determining their future, everyone is better served.
It is critical we work together as a state to amplify the self-determination of Alaska Native Tribes and communities. One tool available to the State of Alaska and the Federal government is the process of compacting with Tribes. Compacts are government to government partnerships that enable our people to determine what is best for our communities. We have already seen the benefits of compacting through our Alaska Tribal Health Compact and the Alaska Tribal Child Welfare Compact. We have supported the development of compacts in the past and continue to encourage the use of compacting across all areas that our communities self-identify as being of interest.