Alaska Native Governance & Protocol (ANG&P)

Leaders in Alaska are called upon every day to make important decisions that impact our state, our Native peoples and our communities. In an interactive forum, participants will learn about recognition of place, cultural diversity, geographic distinctions and unique practices of Native peoples, as well as foundational principles and information related to the formation and authorities of our various Native governing structures. Participants will also learn about other types of Native institutions, organizations, businesses, and the general lay of the land as it concerns these entities, groups, and advocacy bodies that have an origin and/or responsibility within and to the Native community. FAI’s Alaska Native Governance & Protocols learning sessions create an opportunity to be in dialogue and ask questions in an environment stewarded by our values of relationship, hospitality, and being good relatives.

These sessions, grounded in our Indigenous principles and values are designed to:

  • Shed light on the complex layers of Alaska Native governance;
  • Share insights into unique cultural, social and economic contexts, communities, relationships, and protocols;
  • Create a forum for strengthening knowledge and understanding between Alaskans; and
  • Highlight potential opportunities to partner and engage across Alaska.