Alaska Native Dialogues on Racial Equity (ANDORE)

Racism is abundant in our society, built into every layer of our lives from individual interactions to our institutions and systems. Talking about racism is an incredibly difficult conversation that often yields more harm than good. Yet without these discussions, Peoples of Color will continue to experience disproportionate outcomes in all aspects of life. Racism – from interpersonal to systemic – robs everyone of a truly just and equitable Alaska. To guide us through these difficult discussions, FAI co-created with our community a dialogue process that helps to reset and reshape perspectives on race in Alaska, move people into a place of understanding, healing, and growth, and advance policy solutions for the betterment of all Alaskans.

These sessions, grounded in our Indigenous principles and values are designed to:

  • Defuse defensiveness bringing forward productive discussions about race and racism; 
  • Foster and grow racial healing by meaningfully engaging in communities across Alaska on racism and racial equity; 
  • Help participants develop an anti-racist lens that can be applied to both one’s personal and professional lives, grounded in understanding the ways that injustices and racial inequities shape our communities’ experiences as Alaskans through the institutions and systems we all participate
  • Highlight and advance community-driven solutions and action plans to better our collective future.