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Census Information Center at First Alaskans Takes Shape

Training on accessing population and other information for community.
The Alaska Native Policy Center (Policy Center) at First Alaskans Institute (First Alaskans) was designated as a Census Information Center (CIC) by the Census Bureau in September 2006.  CICs are official sources of demographic, economic, and social statistics produced by the Census Bureau.  The Census Bureau established the CIC program in 1988 for the purpose of providing efficient access to Census Bureau data products to underserved populations through a network of organizations.  Fifty-eight organizations across the United States participate in the CIC program, the Policy Center is the only CIC in the State of Alaska.  The Policy Center's goal is to facilitate information exchange and to assist with facilitating training sessions for Alaska Native peoples' ability to access and utilize Census data.  The Policy Center has access to Census training and information.  For more information on CICs, please see the FAQs section, and the Regional Facts.

Since receiving its designation as a CIC, the Policy Center has completed two objectives:  the first was to disseminate Census Bureau data by establishing a link from the First Alaskans website (http://www.firstalaskans.org/) to the Census website (http://www.census.gov/) to bridge customers to Census information.  The second objective was to increase awareness, education, and understanding of the value and uses of Census Bureau data by underserved populations by providing a "library" space within First Alaskans/Policy Center facilities for customers to access the Census materials.

In 2007, the Policy Center's goals are to better understand who uses Census data in the Alaska Native community and what their data needs are. The Policy Center will be completing a survey to determine potential users of Census data, what they currently use the data for, and evaluate what level of access to the Census information would be beneficial to provide.

The Policy Center will also facilitate three Census Bureau trainings (one in Anchorage and two in regional hubs). These trainings will focus on how to locate Census Bureau data for planning, research, and grant writing for the areas the particular community is interested in. Finally, the Policy Center will develop regional fact sheets for Census 2000 information. The fact sheets will be available on the First Alaskans website as a tool for customers to quickly see Census data by ANCSA region.

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